Accelerators are quick, personalized work sessions that solve specific Salesforce challenges. Available with your Premier and Signature Success Plans.


Overcome your business challenges, achieve greater ROI, and reach success faster with Accelerators. These collaborative virtual or on-site sessions with Salesforce experts help you drive adoption, take advantage of the newest features, and increase your team’s productivity — without requiring a lengthy scope of work or major time commitment.

Our extensive Accelerator catalog has something for every role, every budget, and every cloud, and we’re constantly adding new ones to help you solve issues without taxing your internal teams.

Leverage our team of experts to quickly create a killer dashboard that allows for real-time decision-making, increased pipeline, and accelerated sales cycles.
Don’t let duplicate records spoil your data. Duplicates waste valuable time and compromise overall data quality.
Empower your sales team by giving everyone relevant information in a single view.
Learn how to set up and customize Sales Cloud, faster.
Sales Cloud Lightning features a powerful, intuitive, modern UI that can help your reps sell more, faster.
Help your sales team reach its sales goals faster and get the most out of Sales Cloud. 
Start using Clean to keep your customer data current and correct.
Deliver the best possible leads for your business with clean, enriched data.
Improve pipeline visibility to better align your sales and marketing teams.
Extract greater insights from your marketing data.
Gain better visibility into the true status of deals in progress by syncing key data points between Outlook and Sales Cloud.
Learn how to use the full potential of Lightning to help your team sell faster and smarter.
Set up Lightning with help from a Salesforce expert.
Learn how to analyze information in Sales Cloud to help your team win deals.
Help your reps use Sales Cloud more effectively with change management strategies.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
This Accelerator is designed to help you import client or donor data into Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack.
Learn how to use Lightning Community Builder to create a partner community. 
Help your customers find answers without calling the service department.
Want to launch a Partner Community, but aren’t sure where to start?
Learn how to plan a successful customer community.
Get the coaching you need to plan a more effective partner community.
Deploy a proven, results-driven strategy to boost Partner Community adoption and engagement.
Partner with Customer Community experts who’ll review your current community strategy, uncover new opportunities, and help you develop actionable plans for better adoption and information sharing.
Create an engaging branded community experience for your customers by utilizing the Community Designer, with expert help from our specialists.
Drive increased collaboration across your organization.
Learn how to build or optimize your employee community in Lightning.
Get ready to migrate your customer, partner, or employee portal to a Lightning Community.
Set up customer community reports and dashboards quickly with guidance from a Salesforce expert.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Our specialists will help create a customized Service Cloud console interface, so your agents can quickly access key data and case resolution tools.
Learn how to use Service Cloud Omni-Channel capabilities to send the right cases to the right agents.
Give your customers instant, online support with live chat. 
Do cases generated outside of regular business hours disrupt your escalation process?
How would you like a clean, organized case queue?
Help your service agents streamline tasks and work more efficiently.
Resolve cases quickly and smoothly by putting the right agents on the right cases.
Keep customers happy with accelerated response times.
Boost agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.
Start connecting computer telephony integration (CTI) to your Salesforce solution.
Get real-time visibility into customer service KPIs.
Slash case resolution times with macros.
Learn how to classify case types with notifications or case reassignment actions.
Give your service agents and customers at-a-glance access to the information they need. Learn key components, set up steps, and best practices for planning your Sales Cloud Knowledge implementation.
Get up and running on Service Cloud with help from Salesforce experts.
Learn how to set up and use Service Cloud LiveMessage to offer smarter customer service via mobile messaging.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Get started on Marketing Cloud Social Studio.
Find out how to use Salesforce data to fuel your digital advertising.

Learn how to fine-tune social sentiment to your company’s needs.

When your Marketing Cloud is linked to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, you get better customer data.
Keep tabs on your brand’s presence on social channels.
Put your marketing insights into overdrive.
Automate email responses for high-volume customer activities.
Get new data into Marketing Cloud to drive your campaigns.
Deliver more personalized and targeted email campaigns.
Connect customers and prospects to the right content, at the right time.
Work one-on-one with a Salesforce specialist to configure, automate, and deliver any one of our 25 Marketing Cloud reports.
Is your data structure designed for maximum success?
Learn how to better manage your subscribers and their data.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Train your team to deploy marketing automation campaigns effectively. 
Learn how to set up Salesforce Engage to sell smarter with marketing automation. 
This Accelerator helps marketers take full advantage of Salesforce Engage for Pardot.
Learn how to use Salesforce Engage for Pardot to close more deals.
Keep your Salesforce implementation running at peak performance.
Create a more efficient sandbox environment to support multiple development teams and a consistent release cadence for your Salesforce implementation.
Together with our specialists, you’ll create 30-, 60-, or 90‑day implementation plans for a Salesforce Center of Excellence framework to address challenges such as minimizing risk, managing complexity, and aligning projects to strategic organizational goals.
Do you want to quickly adopt Salesforce Lightning but aren’t sure how to get started?
Have you deployed the Salesforce1 Mobile App but aren’t seeing the impact you wanted?
Run your business on your phone with a custom Salesforce1 Mobile App.
Find out how to use your sandbox to better manage software releases.
Learn how to align your data and improve overall quality.
What would happen if you lost your Salesforce data unexpectedly?
Learn how to make Salesforce development more effective and reliable.
Configure your Salesforce1 Mobile App navigation options to help your team work more efficiently.
The Salesforce platform has many tools to help you automate processes, so you can streamline your business.
Learn how to use the full suite of Salesforce security controls to prevent potential data breaches with the Access Control and Encryption Accelerator.
Free your teams to innovate by automating key business processes.
Unleash your team’s mobile potential on the Salesforce1 Mobile App — build an amazing user experience with the help of our experts.
Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your enterprise systems.
Develop a governance framework to more effectively manage your Salesforce solution.
Create a Salesforce org strategy to minimize complexity and ensure scalability for your business.
Help your field sales reps get all the information they need while they’re on the go.
Get a view of the health of specific parts of your org, so you can plan for larger initiatives.
The best way to show key stakeholders the value of the Salesforce1 Mobile App is with a high-quality demonstration video.
Get more value out of your customer data.
Increase your team’s usage of Salesforce, so they can get more done.
Give your mobile users the most intuitive experience on every screen.
Gather valuable user feedback to help you build a better mobile user experience.
Make it easy for your employees to navigate enterprise systems securely. Get an understanding of single sign-on and supporting Salesforce technology with best practices and implementation strategies.
Map out a plan to reach your goals with help from Salesforce experts.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
Connect Einstein Analytics to your Salesforce implementation to give your team a clear view into your data.
Are you new to Einstein Analytics and aren’t sure how to get started?
If you’re new to Sales Analytics, we can help you get up and running quickly.
In this Accelerator, a specialist takes you through a one-on-one guided set up so you can get Service Analytics launched, fast.
Make sure the right people in your organization see the right data.
Bring clean data from external sources into Einstein Analytics with ease.
Unlock the full potential of Einstein Analytics to gain deeper insights into your business.
Customize your Einstein Analytics apps quickly with guidance from a Salesforce expert.
Get up and running with Einstein Discovery to extract valuable information from your business data.
Design your own Accelerator to address a specific challenge your business is facing.
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