According to our State of the Connected Customer research, 73% of customers say one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of other companies. What do you think that means for their expectations of Government services? What if all agencies were able to deliver personalized, connected, and timely engagement?
Used in call centers across all levels of government and in nearly every industry, Salesforce helps deliver unparalleled service with 32% improved agent productivity, 25% decrease in support costs, 31% faster case resolution, and 32% increased customer satisfaction.
Build rich, dynamic process automation for every step of the customer service experience. Let citizens track their cases online and receive notifications of critical status updates. Improve call deflection rates so agents can focus on mission-critical tasks and build trust at the same time.
Ready to talk more about the capabilities of the Salesforce Platform for Government? We’ll help you set up a strategy to start connecting people and streamlining processes like never before.