Pricing and editions.

Pricing and editions.

Build and manage 1:1 customer journeys.

Build and manage 1:1 customer journeys.


Multi-channel digital marketing platform

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Campaign management

Email marketing

SMS & MMS mobile solutions

Mobile push messaging

Web personalization

Social media publishing***

Transactional email

Conversion tracking

Tracking & reporting

10 user log-ins*

Up to 300,000 Super Messages per year**


Automate 1:1 customer journeys

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features PLUS

Journey Management

Marketing automation

Social media listening***

Social media feed publishing***

25 user log-ins*

Up to 1 million Super Messages per year**

Predictive and location-based offers

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features PLUS

Predictive Intelligence

Distributed marketing

Mobile location-based messaging

Discover reporting tool

50 user log-ins*

Up to 500,000 contacts

Up to 5 million Super Messages per year**


Enterprise-wide marketing

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features PLUS

Audience Builder data management tool

100 user log-ins*

Up to 2.5 million contacts

Up to 20 million Super Messages per year**


Global digital marketing platform

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Most advanced email, mobile, social, & Web editions

250 user log-ins*

Up to 10 million contacts

Up to 50 million Super Messages per year**

* Additional log-ins are available for purchase.

** A Super Message is a unit of customer experience than can be used as an email message, SMS message, MMS message, mobile push message, social mention, Web impression, or landing page impression.

*** Additional fee required.

* All per user products require an annual contract

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In today’s connected world, every customer interaction matters. Marketing Cloud helps you make the most of every touchpoint, giving you the tools to manage the customer journey across all channels.

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