Equality is a core value.

Equality starts with us. At Salesforce, we value and respect people of all backgrounds. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation and creativity, and are committed to building a culture where everyone feels included. While we've made progress on some fronts, we know that there is still real work ahead but together, we can drive meaningful change and create a more equal workplace and world for all. LEARN MORE >

We all deserve to feel heard, valued, and included. That's why Equality is one of our four core values at Salesforce. We are committed to creating an equal workplace for all.”


Marcus, Office of Equality

San Francisco, Ohana member since 2017


I feel blessed to work for a company with values that align with mine and that stands by equal pay for equal work. It’s an empowering move for all women, and I am proud to stand on the right side of history with Salesforce. #EqualityForAll — being respectful, kind, and fair to everyone — is a journey. The path to equality starts with us.”

Angela, Marketing

Singapore, Ohana member since 2016


Equality is embodied in a unique way here. We approach it as more of a continuum than a static arrival point. We continue to critically evaluate ourselves on our journey toward equality, knowing that there’s always room to innovate. And we understand that while the road may be paved with best intentions, the work is hard and, at times, uncomfortable.”

Nicole, Sales

Chicago, Ohana member since 2016


At previous companies, most people thought I always needed help, but at Salesforce people treat me equally and give me assistance only when it’s necessary. Before, I would never have imagined participating in companywide events, but I can here, and that is such a joy for me.”

Mutsumi, Employee Success



I helped the Outforce group in Bellevue get off the ground, and the experience has been great. We are still a new group, but are looking forward to helping our employee community shine in the Pacific Northwest.”

Abigail, Tech & Products



In terms of equality, I think Salesforce goes above and beyond most other companies. Diversity is not only encouraged and valued, but it’s also embedded into each and every employee at Salesforce. I love that the company allocates funds to promote diversity for every Ohana group. When a cultural event takes place for any group, the entire company participates.”

Aakash, Customer Success Group

Herndon, Ohana member since 2015


With Outforce, we’ve created an environment that is open, safe, and nonjudgmental. This year, watching 300 employees show up and march in the Toronto Pride parade to celebrate diversity really highlighted how much this company and the local Toronto office has embraced equality.”

Lydia, Solution Engineering

Toronto, Ohana member since 2012


I use a wheelchair, and not once have I ever been put down due to my disability. Working at Salesforce provides a platform to drive change for individuals with disabilities. I’m thankful that we have the Ohana group Abilityforce. We champion individuals with disabilities and partner with our allies to improve Salesforce’s products, services, office buildings, and events in order to provide a more inclusive environment.”


Carden, Customer Success Group

Atlanta, Ohana member since 2016


Four years ago, I was a struggling single mom, attending community college, and working at Target. Today, I’m a full-time Salesforce employee, an active member of our Ohana Group BOLDforce, and my future has never looked brighter.”