Get a year’s worth of learning in a single day. Join us in New York City on December 13 for an action-packed day of power sessions for every role.

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Despite best intentions, Salesforce Administrators can often find themselves at odds with their users. In today's world, employees want software that works for them, is intuitive, connected to the tools they use everyday, and makes their jobs easier. Join us to learn 3 tips for adding Quip to Salesforce that will wow your teams and make your job, and relationship with your users, better.
Release management is dead, long live DevOps! With the advent of Salesforce DX, the way we collaborate and release is changing. Join Jason as he charts a course from legacy release management to cutting-edge DevOps, and learn to take advantage of CI and code analysis in the age of DX.
Every marketer understands the importance of providing seamless consumer journeys across all phases of the lifecycle. But let's be honest. Achieving the objective can seem daunting. Some might even say overwhelming. Join us to get real-world, no-fluff tips and best practices for mapping and implementing journeys in your organization. We'll start with the basics, and then build, providing you with everything you'll need along the way.
Success with the Salesforce Platform is powered by building supportive communities around CRM technology. Less than a year ago, Regional Higher Ed Community Groups started springing up to the North, East, and West! Join us to learn this inception story from Harvard University. Hear how you can join, start, or contribute to a user group, and what's ahead for the North Region!
Success in the digital era is about being integrated, agile, and customer-centric. Join us as to learn how Salesforce Success Cloud and MuleSoft work together to reimagine how companies can connect the front and back office, and integrate their experiences, technology, data, and culture to deliver seamless and connected customer experiences.
Digitization is disrupting the industry and borrowers are looking at new, innovative approaches to delivering a seamless lending experience. Within the digital movement, new platforms are empowering lenders to engage smarter and deliver value faster. Join us to explore how lenders are driving innovation with their borrowers.
With Lightning Platform you can develop up to 5x faster by not worrying about infrastructure and because we give you powerful "code" and "no code" development capabilities. In this session, you'll learn how Lightning Platform works and how to get started today!
Einstein has grown to become a family of AI technologies at Salesforce that span the realms of data discovery, machine learning, and even deep learning. With so many products and features, how do you decide which Einstein solution is right for you? Join us for a broad overview of the available and upcoming Einstein capabilities and learn how you should apply each to different business problems.
Curious as to what all this Trailhead stuff is about? Join us to learn what Trailhead is, how to get started, where to go for help, and more! If you're new to Trailhead, you won't want to miss it.
#AwesomeAdmins power success with Salesforce. Join us for an action-packed learning adventure to discover how you can put your Admin Superpowers to work at your company. See live demos of the latest features in action, learn practical tips from your peers, and leave with the insight and inspiration to blaze your trail with Salesforce.
Banking customers have different needs at different times that may span a spectrum of expertise across different lines of business. While this may mean involving different specialists, customers expect their banks to have a single view of their financial holdings, needs, and relationships. However, the practical reality of creating this complete customer view involves business alignment and transparency that has eluded many banks. In this session, go beyond CRM 101 to learn how the latest Salesforce technology can help you unify the bank with a holistic view of your customers' personal and professional needs.
Ready to make the move to Lightning but not sure where to get started? Your answer is in the Lightning Experience Transition Tools. Learn how to kick-off your journey to Lightning — discover, roll-out and optimize all your customizations so your team can start leveraging the full power of Lightning. Learn how over a hundred thousand companies are accelerating their digital transformation and achieving a 341% ROI with Salesforce's next-generation CRM platform. This keynote will provide all the tools and resources needed to kickstart the journey to Lightning. You'll also hear how Trailblazers have built the case for Lightning, managed change at scale, and are delivering smarter and faster with the Lightning Platform.
Tips on how to use Process Builder to automate business processes using zero code, how to add your custom code to Process Builder when needed, and how to create entirely custom processes using triggers.
The mortgage industry is heating up and so is new innovation. From new digital interfaces for the borrower to centrally managed automation in the back-office, mortgage is quickly transforming the industry. Join us to explore the future of mortgage.
New to Einstein Analytics or just a passionate learner? From Trails to Adventure Apps, Learning Maps to in app videos - join us to hear about all of the great resources available for learning Einstein Analytics and how to take advantage of them.
Customer KOA celebrates and recognizes Salesforce's 10+ year Customers. In technology, 10 years is a long time. The iPhone is only 11 years old! Hear a success journey from one of these 10 year+ customers. Learn how they have adopted Salesforce innovation, transformed their business, and use Salesforce to help them thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.
As customers continue to demand more connected experiences and more meaningful relationships with brands, retailers are left struggling to find ways to connect to the modern shopper. Join us in this session to learn how Shinola leapt from retail-as-usual to deliver an integrated, intelligent, and innovative brand experience.
New to the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform? Join this session to learn what Anypoint Platform is, what problems it solves, how it works and what the benefits are from using it.
Are you working to develop your moves management strategy on Salesforce? We can help! Join us to learn from trailblazer, NRDC, how out-of-the-box NPSP features can support designing a moves management strategy for nonprofits of any size. We?ll cover identifying prospects, using native functionality to track engagement ("moves") Engagement Plans, Levels and more. Hear important tips around getting started, lessons learned and come away with a plan for making life easier for your fundraisers while driving results.
2018 has been an exciting year for Salesforce Labs with over 40 new apps & components added to the AppExchange. In this session, you will hear about the features & functionality of the top 5 new labs solutions and learn how they can make a difference in your org today.
"You've got to start with the experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around." Steve Jobs, Apple Leading and operationalizing a customer-centric philosophy represents the single biggest challenge and the single biggest opportunity facing marketers today. We live in a customer-driven economy and savvy companies realize that to survive and remain competitive, shifting to a customer-centric model represents a business imperative. Prepare yourself to be challenged during this 20-minute keynote as we explore the mindset, the skillset and the toolset required for today's customer-centric marketer. We?ll highlight the mindset necessary to pioneer this transformation and we'll review the high-level skillset and toolset necessary to operationalize this critical strategy. Join us and gain a new perspective on your role and a new game plan for how you can both lead and operationalize this shift to customer-centricity.
AppExchange is the Salesforce Store. It's an ecosystem where you'll find apps and solutions to install and extend Salesforce across every department and industry. Whether you're an app guru or installing for the first time, this session is for you. Join us to see new AppExchange features in-action, find the right apps to solve your business challenges, and hear how AppExchange apps helped Salesforce Admins transform the way they run their business.
Commerce Cloud reaches more than a BILLION consumers every year! Learn how B2C Commerce paired with AI and visual search can create a faster and smarter path to purchase. See how B2B Commerce demonstrates the power of commerce and CRM data all in one place, with personalized, intelligent experiences for the business buyer. We invite commerce executives, developers, marketers and merchandisers to learn how to take advantage of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform - and become a Trailblazer for commerce.
Join this session to hear how America's largest Home builder rolled out Lightning to over 4,400 Associates this year! Walk away from this session with proven strategies when transitioning from Classic to Lightning or launching Lightning for the first time. Lennar Homes and JPW Consulting will outline what to look for when choosing a Partner to support your roll out, Training and Communications best practices and how it all came together (in real-life) for Lennar Homes.
Please join Stephanie Buscemi, Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce and special guests to celebrate Trailblazers, who are transforming themselves, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and making the world a better place in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Why did you implement Salesforce? It probably wasn't because of it's nice UI, rather it was to drive key business objectives, increase revenue, and customer satisfaction. To do that requires optimal adoptive behaviors from your users. In this session, learn how to measure and coach to the behaviors that align to your business KPIs using adoption dashboards.
Looking to increase speed, alignment, and decision-making for your business-critical projects? Join leaders from IBM and Salesforce Quip, as they discuss a new way of managing projects that puts collaboration at the forefront. With its unique combination of docs, built-in chat and embedded live data from Salesforce and other apps, Quip helps teams complete projects 37% faster while reducing long email chains and inefficient status meetings. In this session you'll learn how to manage projects faster, from sales strategy projects, to marketing campaigns, to IT initiatives and more. And you'll walk away with a free Quip trial, and specific use cases to get your team moving faster today.
The healthcare and life sciences industry knows change is needed to achieve the collective goals of better care, lower costs, and healthier people. Yet the scale of that transformation can feel overwhelming. How does an organization begin to address today's challenges and realize the promise of a patient and member centered future?
Fintechs are moving fast and disrupting established players, who are bogged down by legacy technology and siloed systems. See how any company can use Salesforce as an innovation platform for better customer, employee, and partner experiences.
Lightning Experience means a 25% increase in productivity for all users, 50% faster app builds, faster 360 customer service and - according to Forrester - a 341% three-year ROI for Salesforce customers. But change in large organizations can be intimidating, even knowing the change will benefit your bottom line. Join us to learn how you can diagnose and overcome key challenges so you can build your Lightning rollout plan.
When you become a part of the Trailblazer Community, you're instantly connected to some of the best and brightest people in the world and to millions of Trailblazers excited to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help YOU blaze your trail with Salesforce. This session will walk you through the basics of the online Trailblazer Community, including posting and answering questions on Answers, suggesting product features on the IdeaExchange, or finding support and like-minded individuals via Chatter groups.
Technology has driven customer expectations to an all-time high. Customers of both B2C and B2B companies expect personalized timely interactions on the channels of their choice before and after a sale. At the same time, the rapid evolution of technology has created valid privacy concerns, resulting in far reaching regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR. Join us for a presentation and panel discussion featuring Salesforce Product and Privacy Leaders and Salesforce Trailblazers discussing how companies can use technology to simultaneously meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate their readiness for new privacy regulations.
AMPscript is a scripting language that you can embed within Marketing Cloud content. The system processes the script at send time to render content on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. Use AMPscript to process information, and include information from your data extensions in the body of your messages to provide advanced personalization. In this session, we will cover AMPscript syntax, looping, conditions, common functions and some basic use cases.
This session introduces attendees to the fundamental concepts of Apex, and the Salesforce Platform.
Continuous Deployment is one of the five Goals of Operational Excellence required to transform your company into a Digital Enterprise. Realizing that goal on the Salesforce Platform seems more challenging than it does on other platforms. It's just too easy to make changes in the various environments to get proper control. With the right tools and processes however, this goal is within the reach of any Salesforce customer. In this presentation, we will review the DevOps processes required to gain control of your release process (walk), learn how to reduce the time and effort it takes to release features all the way to production (run), and increase the frequency of successful deployments so your organization can realize the business value of your development effort on a continuous basis.
Unified commerce means connecting the shopper's entire commerce experience -- from marketing and shopping, to fulfillment, customer service, and retargeting. It's more than just another way of saying "omni-channel" or multi-channel. It's the idea that brands must think beyond individual retail channels and beyond shopping to meet new customer expectations. Learn how leading brands are pioneering unified commerce, and the tools they're using to meet new customer expectations.
You've heard that you can create no or low code process automation solutions using flow. But, what are the possibilities? Come see business use cases automated with flow to get those creative juices going so you too can flow it!
By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Which is why the world's leading companies are racing to replace legacy portals, forums, and sites with Community Cloud. Come hear how Trailblazers like Lamborghini build amazing digital experiences. Fast. Our customers connect with 330 million of their customers and partners with Community Cloud. It's time to see just how fast digital transformation can be.
All small businesses have one thing in common: they started with a dream. At Salesforce, we've watched thousands of small businesses start their entrepreneurial journeys and are constantly inspired by how they use Salesforce to help make those dreams a reality. Join us to hear how our customers get started with Salesforce Essentials, grow faster with the Salesforce Platform and win together at every stage of their journey. You'll leave with the tools and inspiration you need to put your small business into high gear with the world's #1 CRM platform.
Are you ready to make a change in your career? Are you interested in how one becomes a Trailblazer? Join us in this session for a unique and personal look into the magic of it all as our speaker shares their career journey an empowers you to blaze your trail with the tips and tricks they learned along the way.
Every connected customer experience starts with a deep understanding of the customer. But, getting that knowledge is challenging, especially in the ever expanding landscape of consumer engagement and technology. Come to this session to better understand the various approaches to achieve a customer 360 and what to avoid for getting a complete view of your customer. Learn about Salesforce and partner tools as well as implementation patterns to deliver a customer data management approach driven by integration that drives marketing, commerce, service, sales, and analytics.
Digital service transformation in banking is a complex topic, but there is a formula you can use to demystify the process. It's more than just an app or a website; it also involves data integration, intelligent automation, and a platform for continuous innovation. Join this session to hear about how banks are using this formula to elevate digital service through experiences that are personalized, intelligent, and connected.
Learn how you can leverage your Salesforce investment to help your teams stay organized & take the work out of work. With Dropbox, you can easily iterate on sales proposals, showcase innovative marketing plans, and collaborate on service reports. Attend this session to see how the latest integrations from Dropbox and Salesforce are reimagining how teams work.
Is your Org ready for Lightning? This session will cover the essential things you need to know before migrating to Lightning, including Lightning Readiness Report, identifying quick wins, and a live demo of key features and resources.
Corporate philanthropy is increasingly employee-driven. Employees are shaping management decisions and community involvement by engaging purpose and giving their time. Whether volunteering as individuals or teams or sharing skills through pro bono activities, the workforce is putting corporate values to work. Technology accelerates this movement, and Philanthropy Cloud is the way forward. Get the first look at how Philanthropy Cloud's new capabilities will revolutionize volunteering through the platform — offering AI and modern innovations that make finding volunteer opportunities easier than ever.
Business analysis is #1 requested skill by employers and when applied well it can dramatically reduce the cost, time and risk of your implementation. This valuable and entertaining session will uncover the 3 simple principles that will give you 10x results, using a proven approach that's been refined over 20 years and 1000+projects.
Update your Classic Visualforce pages into Lightning Experience for the most flexible, fast app development. We'll discuss Visualforce pages and components, and share tips and tricks for the fastest path to successful deployments.
Client relationships are at the center of wealth management. But only a handful of advisors are actively transforming client relationships into a wealth of new opportunities. In fact, only 18% of clients use the same financial advisor as their parents. It's time to discover how an integrated desktop and artificial intelligence can help you know your clients' relationship networks as well as you know their money. Join us for this engaging session to discover how Salesforce, Financial Services Cloud and AI can help you gain a new competitive advantage to grow your book of business.
Modern sales teams are facing new challenges and we have the solutions. Join us to learn how you can future proof your sales process with the latest technology - gain insights that will allow you to bridge the gap between Sales & Marketing, drive increased productivity, embrace AI and so much more.
Focusing on the customer experience may be the single most important investment a company can make. Do you know what kind of experience you are delivering? When it comes to understanding the the interactions your customers have with your brand, most companies have blind spots. When you combine the power of surveys and Salesforce, you can listen to your customers at key touchpoints and take action on critical feedback to improve the customer experience. Join us as we demonstrate how to integrate surveys with Salesforce, distribute your surveys across different channels to boost response rates, and move the needle on key metrics like Customer Satisfaction. We'll then dive into a customer story and hear their feedback initiatives, implementation story, successes, and lessons learned. You?ll walk away with a blueprint for your own integrated survey program.
Every digital transformation starts and ends with the customer. Customers expect connected experiences across every channel and touchpoint, and integration is now a strategic part of every digital transformation. Join us to see how MuleSoft helps organizations dramatically accelerate their innovation.
Imagine only needing one custom report type per object to address a majority of report requests. Imagine instantly knowing which report type to choose in order to visualize the data you need without all the trial and error. During this session, you will learn how easy it is to consolidate the litany of overwhelming report type clutter and empower yourself with a revolutionary paradigm that frees you to confidently query for conclusions. Rejoice Admins, Super Users, and Report Enthusiasts, as you discover the re-imagining of designing, building, and running reports.
This session addresses the question - how do you grow from being a boutique manager to leading brand? This session breaks down 3 marketing strategies that you can leverage to increase brand awareness and grow AUM. In this session, we'll break down how Swedish-based Wealth Management firm, Formuesforvaltning, used Pardot to grow their digital requests by 100% and increase their conversion rate by 250%.
Your customers are more connected than ever before. The cost of poor CRM adoption isn't just about underutilized investments and missing your business goals: it's not being able to connect to your customers in a whole new way. So wherever you are in your Salesforce journey, ensuring that your implementation is set-up with Salesforce best practices is critical. It's not just about how you go live – it's what you turn on, when you do it, and why they matter. Join this session to hear key learnings and tales from the front lines. Listen to our top Salesforce Architects as they provide strategic and technical guidance on launching epic Salesforce implementations.
Are you ready to make a change in your career? Are you interested in how one becomes a Trailblazer? Join us in this session for a unique and personal look into the magic of it all as our speaker shares their career journey an empowers you to blaze your trail with the tips and tricks they learned along the way.
AppExchange is every admin's secret weapon. In this jam-packed session, you'll hear from Salesforce Admins on the top AppExchange apps they use and why. Join us to discover your next process-improving, time-saving, can't-work-without app!
Many of today's savvy customers would rather access information themselves than speak to a customer service representative. Join our session and learn how Self-Service provides a first line of support, empowering customers to find information, manage their account, crowd-source answers and resolve their issues. We'll take a close look at how any company can create a branded and engaging Self-Service experience in no time, delivering incredible service without scaling costs.
Without a clear and automated process connecting your sales team to your finance system, your company will face friction and delays turning a Closed-Won Opportunity into money received in your bank account. Connect QuickBooks Online to Salesforce to help your team accelerate the sales cycle. Breadwinner can speed time to payment and reduce wasted staff time. This means Breadwinner can increase the productivity of both your finance team and sales team, and allow people to do more in less time. Breadwinner provides a unified method of allowing authorized Salesforce users to create QuickBooks Online Invoices, and monitor the payment status of those Invoices. Operations can see a customer's paid purchases, and management can see KPI such as time-to-payment or current liabilities in Salesforce. Overdue Invoices can be followed up from within Salesforce. All QuickBooks Online data is stored as native Salesforce data, allowing you to build Reports, Dashboards, Workflows, and Triggers. Sales Compensation can be based on Invoices and the month they are paid, rather than basing compensation on closed deals, thus aligning your sales team's motivation to management's goals. Breadwinner can be installed and configured in less than an hour, and it's easy-to-use Guided Invoice Creation process requires no training. Invoices can be created from Opportunities, Orders, any Custom Object, or even other AppExchange apps. Complex requirements such as multi-currency, or multiple QuickBooks instances, are handled out of the box. Breadwinner also has dedicated integrations with Xero Online Accounting, and Stripe.
Using Lightning Components, you can quickly customize the Salesforce user experience with re-usable components using JavaScript and CSS. In this session, you will jump into a fast-paced introduction that sets you up for Salesforce development success.
Ready to make the move to Lightning but not sure where to get started? Your answer is in the Lightning Experience Transition Toolkit. Learn how to kick-off your journey to Lightning -assess, migrate and optimize all your customizations so your team can start leveraging the full power of Lightning.
Kellogg Company has made hunger relief a cornerstone of its mission, extending its business values to employees, customers, and communities. Hear how Kellogg incorporates giving and volunteering programs in the workplace and why the company is leveraging Philanthropy Cloud to help transform and elevate its corporate culture. From employee engagement and brand perception to skill development and teamwork, enterprises are embracing Philanthropy Cloud and experiencing firsthand the power of social good for better business.
AI solutions at Salesforce promise to make companies more productive by augmenting the decisions they make with relevant information. But in practice, how can you deliver algorithmic insights at scale for your business at the moment of action? Join this session to see some real-world examples of data and analytics intelligence in action and hear from our customers to find out how they optimize Sales, Service, Marketing and Operations with Einstein Analytics to drive growth through data and analytics.
If you've ever wondered how some of the small-but-mighty businesses are growing at rapid rates, join us for this panel discussion featuring several of our fast growing customers, moderated by AVP, Stephanie Glenn. We'll discuss how they have grown and scaled by going wall-to-wall on the Salesforce Platform with 3 key steps. You won't want to miss these stories or the advice for how you can take your business to new heights on the #1 CRM platform!
Customer expectations have changed. They want personalized support, consistent experiences, and proactive, consultative engagement. And if they don't get it they will go elsewhere. According to Accenture, 41% of U.S. consumers said they ditched a company because of poor personalization and lack of trust. Building customer loyalty requires more than just great service - it also requires a great customer success program. In this session, you?ll hear about best practices to better align your success and service teams. We?ll share how to identify areas of opportunity to add value to your customers and streamline the process to quickly resolve their issues. And you?ll learn about the different tools you can use to empower your teams to create amazing customer experiences
The complexity of manufacturing is not new, but there is a change in ecosystem demands that is influencing what manufacturers need to be successful in the modern world. The ecosystem now demands a unified digital experience, beyond price and product, which manufacturers need to digitally transform in order to deliver. Join us to learn how manufacturers are transforming into customer-centric companies by creating digital touch points within each part of their ecosystem to better the manage all stages of the customer lifecycle.
What can you do to get your team on board? Join us to learn the Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption & very specific examples of how to put these principles into action.
As expectations for data analytics continue to rise, developers are being asked to create increasingly complex solutions on analytical platforms. In this session, you'll get an overview of the features and tools for developers building intelligent apps with Einstein Analytics. Join us to see Analytics Templates, the Analytics SDK, and the Analytics Plugin for Salesforce DX in action, and meet members of the product team.
Customers with wealth portfolios of all sizes are demanding that financial services providers understand their unique needs and then meet those needs with an individualized, proactive approach. Einstein Analytics, built on the Salesforce platform, meets those needs by empowering financial services professionals to grow their AUM while maintaining personalized service with embedded AI functionality that predicts key customer KPIs and prescribes data driven actions. Join us to learn about AI + Analytics for Wealth Management.
Learn how Salesforce is empowering anyone to build apps on the Lightning Platform. See how spreadsheets and paper forms can be converted into rich mobile applications ready to unlock the productivity of every employee in your organization.
It's time to reinvent interactions in the mid-funnel, but what about turning those leads into customers? UK Fintech firm Liberis have seen 100% increase in sales conversion since they have been able to uncover the blind spots in their sales cycle. We will explore how Sales Enablement techniques can create a more relevant customer experience, provide more insight to sales professionals and help marketing increase the efficiency of content marketing spend.
Do you want to unlock the power of Salesforce? Join Salesforce MVPs, who are outstanding Trailblazers that been awarded the title thanks to their contributions to the Salesforce ecosystem, to learn how you can master Salesforce. Salesforce MVPs help millions of Trailblazers around the world by sharing Salesforce product expertise, mentoring, creating valuable content, and inspiring those around them. They are ready and excited to help you along your journey.
As cord-cutting and binge-watching accelerates, the race is on for direct access to fans. Join this theater session to learn how you can create personalized 1-to-1 marketing journeys, enrich audience insights, and boost ROI by building communities of interest around your content.
How does a 70-year-old global Nonprofit with complex processes and hundreds of thousands of constituents engage with each of them in a personalized way? Hear how AFS uses Pardot and its CRM-integration to do precisely that. Learn how the implementation of intuitive Salesforce tools has helped AFS drive digital transformation across its organization and impact across the globe.
Lightning App Builder pages are an essential tool in your toolbox for creating an amazing user experience. You no longer need to create a different page for every record type. Component visibility allows you to create dynamic pages that can show or hide elements on your pages based on a large number of values, variables and more. In this session we are going to take a hands-on look at how to use Lightning App Builder pages and component visibility to create dynamic pages for your organization so you can reduce administration overhead. We'll walk through how to create pages, explore out-of-the-box standard components, discuss naming convention tips, demonstrate how activation works and much more.
Today, working together has become synonymous with email and meetings, which slows teams down. Join us to learn how Quip helps teams make decisions without a single meeting, email, or file version. We'll cover specific business use-cases that help teams unlock cross-functional decisions, and get work done faster.
An Admin's life is always evolving. With all the hats you wear, how can you be the rockstar your team needs you to be? Join us to hear of the incredible journey from of our MVP Admins as they share the tricks they leverages to maximize impact across their organization and stay on the forefront of Salesforce innovation.
Datorama, the leading cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for enterprises, agencies and publishers is the newest member of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud! Marketers use Datorama to bring together all of their data and take action on insights to optimize every marketing investment and activity. Get the 101 on how you can create your marketing system of record and insight for smarter decision making with one of Datorama's experts.
Join us to learn how myTrailhead can help you transform the learning experience for your employees at every step of their career journey. In this session, hear how Accenture is using myTrailhead to empower employees and accelerate the speed of ramp time with customized, on-demand, and bite-sized learning.
Whether you have an existing marketing automation tool or not, implementing Pardot is more than setting up a system. Hear from the Director of JPW's Pardot practice and Salesforce MVP to put you on the path to a successful Pardot implementation and beyond.
Take the guesswork out of channel management. Make channel sales fast and easy with Sales Cloud PRM, an out-of-the-box partner management solution built natively on the world's #1 Sales Platform. Learn how leading companies are blending CRM and PRM to intelligently deliver training, content, and leads in a beautifully branded and mobile-responsive experience with clicks, not code.
Is your fundraising strategy getting more and more complex? Join us to hear how Trailblazer, buildOn has used the power of the Nonprofit Cloud and Lightning to simplify their fundraising process. Learn how the Nonprofit Success Pack, Engagement Plans and the Salesforce platform make it easier than ever to funnel and convert prospects into loyal donors.
During this session, we'll walk through the 3 step process to setup the CMTD Enhanced Related List Lightning Component from Salesforce Labs. This free, easy-to-install component will take your related lists to the next level.
Salesforce DX is revolutionizing the way developers manage their code and develop on Salesforce with industry standard tools and processes. Join us as we provide an overview of Salesforce DX including the Salesforce CLI ( command-line interface), packaging, version control systems, and application lifecycle management (ALM).
With over 900 Trailblazer Community Groups in over 80 countries, you are sure to find help and support in your local community. #TrailblazerCommunity Group Leaders plan and host in-person and virtual meetings for their members to collaborate online, meet and learn from each other and inspire them by sharing their (a-mah-zing) experience. This session will bring you up close with our outstanding Leaders to learn all about how you can get involved in live and online groups based on your role, industry, and special interests.
Trends like automation, integration, digital channels, and mobile workforces have caused a profound shift in the way customers interact with companies. Nowhere is this more apparent than in customer service, which impacts every moment of the customer experience. To thrive and compete in the new age of service, every organization must reimagine their service approach and create transformational service experiences. Join us to see how trailblazers like Marriott and The Container Store are using the World's #1 B2C and B2B Service Platform to capitalize on these trends to transform service and deliver customer success.
Relationships and roles are complicated. For decades, financial institutions have struggled to bridge relationships across both the personal and professional financial needs of their customers. In this keynote, financial services trailblazers will share insights and live demonstrations of how they are unlocking the full power of their consumer and commercial lines of business to unify the experience and drive unprecedented customer loyalty.
See real life Release Management success cases from companies needing to manage several parallel dev-streams, diverse teams of in-house developers and SIs as well as multiple environments. Learn to transition to Git as the source of truth & how implementing Copado has boosted agility, speed and quality of production releases.
Salesforce Einstein is your smart CRM assistant, making your employees smarter and your customers happier. With Einstein, everyone has an AI-powered assistant to help them discover insights, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and automate workflows so they can focus more time on engaging customers. Join us as we welcome trailblazers from Telstra to share their stories about implementing and adopting AI. And of course, we'll have exciting new product demonstrations and a preview of our newest innovation -- Einstein Voice. You won't want to miss it.
All of the new techniques in design thinking, lean startup, and other methods can be overwhelming. What we've found is that while exact practices vary, there are six fundamental behaviors that drive all successful innovation work. We call them the six principles to work differently. The principles identify the critical elements behind new ways of working in an actionable and results-oriented way. Join us as we get real about what it takes to create new value, and provide an introduction to the 6 core behaviors to adopt in your organization.
All small businesses have one thing in common: they started with a dream. At Salesforce, we've watched thousands of small businesses start their entrepreneurial journeys and are constantly inspired by how they use Salesforce to help make those dreams a reality. Join us to hear how our customers get started with Salesforce Essentials, grow faster with the Salesforce Platform and win together at every stage of their journey. You'll leave with the tools and inspiration you need to put your small business into high gear with the world's #1 CRM platform.
Fintechs are moving fast and disrupting established players, who are bogged down by legacy technology and siloed systems. See how any company can use Salesforce as an innovation platform for better customer, employee, and partner experiences.
Salesforce Admins are tasked with working across multiple departments and ensuring they are communicating to stakeholders, collaborating with users, and providing regular updates to their platform. The Agile methodology is a particular approach to project management that is utilized to assist teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software using incremental, iterative work sequences. Learn how Agile organizes your workload, and boosts your development and delivery experience for all users.
Today's patients expect a faster, more connected healthcare experience. The first and often reoccurring interaction patients have with a health system is not with a clinician, but with the contact center. Hear from industry trailblazers on how Salesforce enables their organizations to transform the patient experience, all while gaining important insights that support population health management and value-based care initiatives.
Understand how Blockchain can help your business and how it is incorporated into your favorite Salesforce interface. Learn the importance of Ethereum and Hyperledger Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers. See a live demo of Heroku for Blockchain Add-On and IBM's fabric natively in Salesforce. By the end of this no-hype session, you will have new knowledge and insight into what Blockchain is and how it fits into a Salesforce environment, as well as how to learn more about good use cases for this exciting technology.
In today's business world, the pace of change is faster than ever. Organizations are undergoing major organizational shifts and adopting new technological approaches to keep up and even gain a competitive edge. In any corporate strategy meeting, you'll likely hear about ambitious goals to transform how organizations do business so they can better serve customers, employees, and partners. Emerging technologies are the key to achieving these goals, and can have a major impact on the way we work and the improved experience we deliver to customers. Learn how top-performing organizations are using Salesforce apps to meet their digital transformation goals. This session will provide you with the insights, knowledge, and steps to take in order to implement new Digital Document Transformation (DDX) approaches that will transform your organization.
The financial services industry is facing massive disruption and, as a result, is transforming banks to transform their business model to be one built around an open API ecosystem. But this isn't limited to banking: it's happening everywhere. Join this session to learn how Mulesoft enables companies to build APIs to make data, algorithms, transactions, and business processes available to an entire ecosystem--both internal and external. In doing so, integration is turned on its head, from a challenge to a strategic enabler, and customers are able to create their own curated virtual everyday banking universe that is a portfolio of cherry-picked offerings from multiple service providers.
Starting to think about your first career opportunity in the Salesforce ecosystem? Join us to learn about networking tips and how to perfect your elevator pitch for recruiters. Get hands-on and practice your elevator pitch before your networking time at Dreamforce. You'll hear from early career seekers who have landed internships and full-time jobs on how they scored their first opportunities.
Marist College School of Communication and the Arts is one of only a few higher education institutions in the United States using the Command Center and Social Studio platforms to educate and provide real-world experience to students on the practice and importance of social media engagement, listening, and analytics. Join us as we walk through the ways Marist is using Social Studio in the classroom, from research-based projects to promoting the School's annual Silver Needle Runway show. Also learn how Marist is using other Salesforce tools, such as Trailhead, to educate the next generation of social media professionals.
Today's high-performing organizations know that it takes seamless access to real-time analytics to make a team efficient, capable of making informed decisions, and driving increased profitability. At its core, this requires integrated data. But how does a company go from having disparate data to integrated data without slowing down the business? In this how-to session, Traction on Demand CFO, Corinne Hua, will share how they integrated data to simplify process and break down the walls between Finance and the business using Salesforce and Dell Boomi. Ms. Hue will share how Traction is now able to align teams to a common vision by leveraging data, putting valuable information in the hands of the right people, and, as a result, increasing productivity and freeing up time for analysis ? and how your company can too.
Trailhead is the fun way to learn and empowers everyone to skill up for the future. With Trailhead, Trailblazers are transforming their careers and their companies. Join us to see the latest myTrailhead and Trailhead product innovations in action. Discover best practices to drive Salesforce adoption and scale onboarding with your own branded and customized content with myTrailhead.
Recurring revenue can be a dream come true, when you know how to grow it and manage it. Discover how Salesforce CPQ & Billing can reinvent how organizations' manage revenue lifecycle. Learn to empower sales with fast, accurate quoting, discover how to manage the complexities of recurring revenue, and unify sales and financial data to unlock business insights — offering all on the Salesforce platform.
"Banking is essential, banks are not." Little did we know, in 1994 when Bill Gates made this provocative statement how prescient this insight would be 25 years later. In this age of intelligence, where data is the new currency, banks risk losing relevance to more compelling customer experiences designed and executed by agile, customer-centric organizations. Join us as we cover the forces of change fueling this market shift in banking, the challenges faced by customers (retail & commercial) when it comes to managing their finances, a tangible vision of the bank of the future showing how to incorporate intelligence, everyday relevance and create a bank that's fully built on their customer's success, and the organizational and technological abilities needed to facilitate such a shift.
Digital service transformation in banking is a complex topic, but there is a formula you can use to demystify the process. It's more than just an app or a website; it also involves data integration, intelligent automation, and a platform for continuous innovation. Join this session to hear about how banks are using this formula to elevate digital service through experiences that are personalized, intelligent, and connected.
Today's B2B buyers demand a seamless, robust commerce experience that makes business buying easy. This means offering simple, self-service online buying that's specifically designed for B2B - with fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogs and more. Join this session to learn how Salesforce B2B Commerce allows you to grow revenue, gain a 360-degree view of your customer and go live with commerce in weeks, not years.
You're a Salesforce Admin who is tasked with transitioning over from Classic to Lightning Experience. Training your end users seems like a daunting task. Yet, it really doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. During this session you will learn a simple, effective and flexible process for rolling out your Salesforce training without purchasing any additional tools, apps or plugins. This solution works - whether you are training 5, 500 or 50,000 users.
Built into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein is a layer of artificial intelligence that delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique processes and CRM data. Use those insights to automate responses and actions, making your staff more productive, and your students more successful. Join us to see Einstein for Higher Ed in action!
Technology has driven customer expectations to an all-time high. Customers of both B2C and B2B companies expect personalized timely interactions on the channels of their choice before and after a sale. At the same time, the rapid evolution of technology has created valid privacy concerns, resulting in far reaching regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR. Join us for a presentation and panel discussion featuring Salesforce Product and Privacy Leaders and Salesforce Trailblazers discussing how companies can use technology to simultaneously meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate their readiness for new privacy regulations.
Learn the basics of the polyglot platform that is Heroku.
You can learn a lot about your customers by asking one question: "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" This is the standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and it is a key customer health metric that helps identify brand advocates and at-risk accounts, so you can fight churn. When an NPS program is done right, it can deliver powerful insights about customer loyalty at key stages in the customer journey. But how do you execute an effective NPS Program? We're here to help. In this session, we'll share best practices for NPS survey design and distribution, as well as how to integrate your NPS program with Salesforce so you can take action and impact the bottom line.
Productivity on-the-go is more important than ever. Two key Einstein Voice products make it possible for everyone to work smarter and faster — offering using just their voice. With Einstein Voice Assistant, you can conversationally update Salesforce records, drive analytics dashboards, and hear a personalized daily briefing. Additionally, admins can easily build custom branded Einstein Voice Bots connected to Salesforce to provide seamless, consistent experiences on any device using Alexa and Google Assistant. Join us to see Einstein Voice in action.
The marketers' playbook has forever changed in this Age of Intelligent Marketing, with transformative technologies like AI redefining consumer interactions. Join Salesforce product experts and hear from trailblazers like Ticketmaster and BBVA, to see how the #1 marketing platform is enabling marketers to better know, personalize, and engage your consumers. Learn how to build your brands and grow ROI from innovative companies, while connecting with your fellow trailblazers to gain new insights, have fun, and win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of your consumers.
Even if you've never even thought of becoming a Certified Technical Architect, it's worth learning about and finding out what it REALLY takes! The CTA certification has been around for years, but only a very small number of women have pursued this certification — until now. Today there is a powerful worldwide movement underway to increase diversity and promote equality on the architect journey. Come hear from two women who have decided to pursue this challenging Salesforce certification, and learn why awesome admins can make the best architects.
Marketers are stretched thin. How do you make the most of your precious resources? Join us to learn how to use Content Builder to decrease time designing and developing emails, while also increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Improve marketing content curation, increase collaboration across teams, and learn data-driven strategies to personalize content.
AI solutions promise to make companies more productive by augmenting the decisions they make with relevant information. But in practice, how can you deliver Proactive Customer Retention Through Intelligent Predictions? Join this session to see some real-world examples of data and analytics intelligence in action, provided by FinancialForce.
Insurers are experiencing a shift in the expectations of their policyholders and agents. Digital disruptors are capturing market share by becoming more relevant and available to their policyholders across whatever channel they wish to engage. According to a study by Salesforce, 65% of consumers and 52% of business buyers would likely switch from a carrier that does not attempt to personalize their communications. These evolving expectations, coupled with industry and demographic changes, create a unique opportunity for insurance companies to engage their policyholders on a deeper level.
Befuddled by robotic descriptions of Lightning Components and how they can drive your nonprofit's productivity? In this session, we will review specific user profiles common to non-profits as well as how to customize Salesforce Lightning Experience to optimize their day to day operations.
Customer expectations continue to reach new heights. Today, 75% of customers expect consistent experiences across channels, including mobile messaging, social, online self-service, and in-app. And AI is only accelerating this shift. Join us to learn how to transform your digital service journey and see how recent innovations like AI and bots continue to help companies differentiate their brands and customer experiences.
It's hard meeting new people at World Tour. We've got the perfect icebreaker for you: stickers and swag! Meet Trailblazers like you during this sticker and swag swap. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring and collect enough swag and stickers to be ready to share or trade with new folks. Meet up with old friends, make new friends, and get ready for some grand fun.
From Salesforce Sales Cloud to Salesforce Service Cloud, data is the lifeblood of every company running on Could you imagine what would happen if you no longer had your finger on the pulse of your customer and prospect data? Our 2018 State of Salesforce Data Protection survey results found that over a quarter of companies have experienced this debilitating problem, primarily from data loss or corruption caused by Human Error. As a result of having no comprehensive backup and recovery solution, these companies are often non-compliant with government and industry regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SEC 17a-4, which require immutable backups. In today's data-centric business environment, comprehensive data backup and recovery is more important and more available than ever before.
The Salesforce Platform provides a variety of APIs that allow your apps and services to integrate with Salesforce data in powerful ways. Here we review the resources that are available to all developers as they get started with the Salesforce Platform.
At the center of every experience is a customer. Connecting with that customer across channels and touchpoints has never been more challenging. Every system and user requires a timely, relevant and consistent set of trusted of customer data to make the experience as satisfying as possible. Yet, Marketers, Service Agents and Commerce Professionals have unique needs for what it takes to deliver a unified customer experience. Come learn how Salesforce Customer 360 will deliver connected Salesforce apps, help build a 360-degree view of the customer and provide pre-built packages of experiences in Service, Marketing and Commerce.
Looking to unlock the full potential of the Customer Success Platform? Whether you want to learn at your own pace, accelerate the value you get from Salesforce, or design your customer experience transformation, Success Cloud has the resources and the experts to help you reach your business goals, faster. You'll hear inspirational stories and best practices from Trailblazing MVPs, business leaders at PwC, and Success experts. Don't miss it!
Every organization is feeling the pressure to move fast with limited resources. Learn how business and IT leaders are coming together to revolutionize their app development process and supercharge productivity by building intelligent, mobile-first apps and processes with the Lightning Platform.
Developers are Trailblazers who deliver amazing customer experiences by creating powerful apps. Whether you're already building with Salesforce or just starting out, join and learn how to build apps faster, integrate apps easier, and make apps smarter with the Salesforce platform.
Today's marketing is about more than just campaigns - it's every touchpoint with your customer. Join us to discover how to use Marketing Cloud Connect to leverage data across Marketing, Sales, Service, and Communities so you can build 1-to-1 relationships with your customers.
Closely tracking your constituents progress through your programs is key to the success of your mission - and yet the manual, paper processes that so many organizations are using can slow that success down. Learn how Nonprofit trailblazer, Endeavor, has harnessed the power of Salesforce to scale its mission while creating a better experience for constituents from intake to impact. See how they're utilizing Sales Cloud and Community Cloud to not only connect their Community, but to progress its growth while maintaining meaningful engagement with its constituents.
In Europe, MiFID II has significantly impacted the business models and processes of research organizations. Today, leaders are re-thinking their value proposition and how to deliver a next generation client experience while ensuring regulatory compliance. In this session, learn how research organizations are navigating this new regulatory landscape and investing in platforms that enable intuitive compliance, real-time readership intelligence, and personalized, omni-channel client experiences.
The most successful transitions are those in which users are engaged throughout the process. Come see the tools already available to you within Salesforce that help drive engagement and increase adoption, regardless of where you are in your transition.
Platform Events unlock high-throughput, high-value event-based architectures to replace fragile, and point-to-point integrations. Learn how decoupled, real-time apps can be built using Apex Triggers, Workflows, and the Streaming API. Additionally, learn about Change Data Capture which will help you migrate your batch processing, scheduled ETL, and nightly workloads to event-driven, real-time integration pattern. Unlock new innovations in your architectures and business processes with Platform Events and Change Data Capture.
Moving away from spreadsheets and outdated processes is important for growth and scalability. This session will cover how Salesforce can help small businesses market more intelligently as well as manage existing relationships and prospects more efficiently all on the Lightning Platform. The goal is to arm the audience with the tools, knowledge and confidence to drive the necessary technological changes small businesses need to stay competitive in today's ever-changing and unpredictable environment.
Your sales and marketing professionals know organization is key to getting things done. Clean data and automated workflows can make the difference between success and failure. Whether your organization is anticipating the retirement of, combining CRM instances, planning a Lightning upgrade, or just trying to wrangle your existing data, this session will help you boost the effectiveness of your strategy. With this session, attendees will learn: Why data in CRM is critical to your organization's success; Why the quality of the data impacts the bottom line; How to easily get the data you need into Salesforce. Our CRM solutions, including our lightning-ready Salesforce App help you cleanse your CRM, enrich your records, and target the right prospects.
A successful Lightning transition puts your people at the center of the change management experience. If fact, 80% of a transition project is change management. Learn about best practices and the simple, actionable recommendations to make your move a soaring success.
You're invited to an epic, action-packed Demo Jam where six AppExchange partners will each have only three minutes to showcase the best of their apps with a real-time demo. The winner is chosen by you, the audience. Join us for this fast-paced, highly-anticipated battle of the app demos.
Whether it's gathering attendee info at events or communicating with supporters in a relevant way- being able to consolidate your program data can make or break that mission-critical difference in scalability. Hear how 92nd Street Y, a 144-year-old nonprofit cultural and community center, is leveraging Marketing Cloud to bring its ticketing, CRM and engagement strategy into a single focus in concert with its ticketing solution. If you have a multi-faceted program and want to learn how to sync for scalability, this is the session for you!
A great customer experience is driven by modern, custom apps. And building modern apps requires a platform, tools and mind-set that enables Developers, IT and Business to work together. Learn how customers such as AlignTech deliver a custom experience using Heroku and Lightning.
Join us for a practical overview of the theory and practice of Design Thinking and how it can be used as a framework for teams to design high-adoption applications that are not only powerful, but useful, usable, and desirable.
Quip is changing the way sales teams work together. Join us to hear about Quip's newest integration features with Salesforce. Learn how your teams can access, manipulate and collaborate around Salesforce data directly in Quip. Come away with concrete tips and tricks for extending the power of Salesforce through Quip integrations and empower your employees to make decisions faster through a culture of action.
It is a new world in investment banking: the next generation of millennials are entering the marketplace, companies are consolidating, and clients expect more transparency and personal relationships than ever. These waves of change call for new tools that empower bankers with intelligence anytime, anywhere, and create a digital-first client experience. Join this session to learn how investment banks are delivering this next generation experience to their bankers - allowing them to be productive anywhere and to remain more connected to their clients than ever before.
Come meet the leaders of the New York Developer Group and learn how being involved can supercharge your skills and career.
Get ready to be inspired, as you learn how Audi, The Container Store and Lacoste envisioned and delivered a connected customer experience in partnership with Salesforce. See how to create engaging and lasting relationships whether you're buying or selling a new car, a new closet or a designer shirt. We'll review the Salesforce applications they connected and the outcome it provided for their customers, partners and employees.
User experience is key to adoption and ROI in any organization by using the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS), you can translate different sections of the designers' screens to specific Lightning components that will make development easier.
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