Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides digital customers an embedded content delivery network (eCDN) designed to accelerate site speed access and content delivery. The end result is a more secure, reliable online shopping experience for the consumer.
As digital commerce has transformed into an interactive, full-featured shopping experience, retrieving and serving up site content is increasingly important. Shoppers expect results if speed suffers, conversion rates and bounce rates are negatively impacted.
To ensure an optimal consumer experience, Commerce Cloud provides customers with a robust eCDN to accelerate digital content, mobile graphics, payment transactions, and more:
Full page acceleration over HTTP and HTTPs increases the quality of page delivery.
Built-in security protects against a wide range of threats and improves site resiliency and availability.
Single host name tagging bolsters keyword accuracy, page rank, and customer traffic.

With the Commerce Cloud eCDN, Crocs is able to provide an optimal customer experience. We’ve enhanced the functionality of our end-to-end solution, reduced costs, and are more protected from security threats.”

Commerce Cloud customers are part of a growing worldwide content delivery network built for scale. The eCDN streamlines connections between shoppers and retailers by routing all traffic through the global network.
The Commerce Cloud eCDN ensures that every Commerce Cloud site renders as fast and efficiently as possible from whatever device a shopper is using. Built on best-of breed technology with a steady stream of new capabilities, the Commerce Cloud eCDN provides retailers with a feature rich offering that includes:
Local copies of static content are cached at the edge for faster retrieval. Embedded compression and prefetching improves scalability and enhances web delivery.
Direct compatibility and integration between desktop browsers, mobile browsers, web APIs, and the eCDN network. HTTP2 decreases latency, improves page load speed, and delivers secure content faster.
Pre-defined whitelist groups ensure trusted IP addresses are never blocked.
State of the art encryption and PCI DSS ensures protection at the highest level. Malicious attacks are thwarted by removing connectivity at the origin and isolated within a network 10X the size of the largest recorded DDoS attack.
SSL encryption secures and encrypts connections to prevent monitoring and tampering. Self-management centralizes control and offers more administrative flexibility.
  • Serves millions of website and SaaS providers
  • Resolves 60 billion DNS queries per day
  • Integrates within an expansive peer network of internet exchange points
  • Over 100 points of global presence
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