Einstein Predictive Sort uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer data to deliver more tailored product results, decreasing the time a customer spends looking for what they want and increasing conversion. With just a few clicks, merchandisers can turn on Predictive Sort to power personalized results for the search drop down, search pages, and category grid pages.

Ecommerce teams need to present shoppers with the right product first, or they risk losing them. Alas, delivering data-driven personalization throughout the shopping experience is still seen as a challenge, especially by retailers that don’t have the time to manage complex sorting rules, or the resources to hire and train a data scientist.

AI-powered personalization is easier than you think. Commerce Cloud Einstein Predictive Sort uses next generation AI to infuse personalized product assortments throughout the shopper journey.

  • Embed personalization into the online shopping experience to delight shoppers
  • Ensure shoppers don’t get lost or waste time looking for the products they want
  • Personalize product assortments for all shoppers, whether anonymous or registered
  • Help mobile shoppers find exactly the products they’re looking for, even in the micro-moments they spend on their phones
  • Use context to power relevant search results and eliminate the challenge of searching on mobile devices

  • Save time by enabling product sort personalization within your existing B2C Commerce business tools  
  • Simply workflow by utilizing familiar sorting rule technology right in Business Manager
  • Eliminate the guessing game of which sorting rule will power the best results for each individual customer

It’s quite easy to build in. We just had to add the sorting attribute. Once that was in place, it was a matter of a few clicks. It’s integrated into the ecommerce platform, so it’s much more convenient to have all the data in one place. That’s the biggest advantage having data in one system rather than two or three.”

In the example image below, two shoppers are browsing on their phones. One shopper is browsing the women’s category, while the other is exploring the men’s. When they both search for “hoodie” products, Einstein Predictive Sort will serve them personalized search results tailored to these specific browsing histories.






Leverage the power of artificial intelligence without hiring or training a data scientist.
Eliminate the manual work of determining the exact ranking of sorting rules.
Finally tap into the wealth of your commerce data to power 1-to-1 personalization.
Engage customers in a whole new way with personalization so relevant, they don’t even realize it’s happening.
Discover how Commerce Cloud Einstein can help you deliver highly personalized shopping experiences tailored to every click — no expert required.  
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