How Artificial Intelligence is Leading Personalization into the Future

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Artificial intelligence (AI) may sound futuristic and a bit overwhelming. But, actually, AI is an exciting evolution of the personalization we have all been pursuing for decades. Instead of spending hours guessing how to personalize content for select demographic groups, you can now harness every single customer click to personalize the shopping experience – in real time.

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While it may sound like a lofty idea, retailers are delivering on it today. Retailers leveraging AI built into Salesforce Customer 360 are able to provide intelligent 1-to-1 personalization with automated product recommendations based on customers’ previous clicks. You set the rules, but you never have to touch the complicated back-end algorithms. This gives you back valuable time to focus on other priorities while AI does its job. Here’s how.

AI translates insight into action.

AI learns with every customer’s click to help you improve the customer experience and your bottom line. We think that’s important, because when you succeed, we succeed.

When you start using Commerce Cloud Einstein, it immediately begins to gather data on customer interactions — what products they look at, what articles they read, and what they put in their shopping cart — then it automatically captures any change in behavior, giving you more insight into that customer’s interests than simply where they live or how old they are.

Since customer behavior changes as needs change, AI notices these changes and personalizes the experience based on real-time shopper clicks. For example, if a customer begins shopping for a swimsuit, the website may assume that she is going on a beach vacation and can personalize the experience based on other items she may need: flip flops, a hat, or a beach towel.

AI gets smarter over time.

Commerce data is cumbersome to sift through and hard to understand. By gathering data, cleaning it, analyzing it and using it to surface actionable insights, AI allows for individualized customer experiences both in-store and online. With no analytics background or time-intensive training, you can leverage this valuable information to optimize your sites.

For example, insights that include which products are most commonly purchased together enable you to create product sets, bundles, and deals that drive conversion. The more data the AI engine gets, the smarter it becomes and the better data-driven business insights it provides.

Brands that begin using AI solutions now have a greater advantage as they grow and evolve, instead of playing catch-up. Using AI combines content and product into right-time, right-place delivery and recommendations across the entire customer lifecycle – from marketing and service to fulfillment.

AI reduces manual tasks.

AI has brought us closer to personalization at scale than ever before. Personalizing the customer journey used to take a lot of time and manual effort. It often involved decisions about which customer groups to target, which meant we weren’t truly personalizing the experience. Add to that our own perceptions about each target group based on superficial demographic information — age, location, gender — and we were often wrong about what a particular customer wanted. Overall, it was a very inefficient, painstaking, and unreliable process. Thanks to AI and the information it gathers with every click, we can make better informed decisions to create a truly personalized experience for customers.

The same goes for merchandising. Every store employee knows the rules — don’t put certain items next to one another due to a licensing agreement, or try to sell the green shirts because the stockroom has four boxes. AI lets retailers layer in contextual rules, and then algorithms make sure that all customer experiences follow them. This saves retailers time on merchandising by automating those tasks that were once done by hand.


The next wave of AI and personalization will act as an even more powerful toolkit that delivers multidimensional customer experiences, potentially through image and speech recognition and chat bots.

Icebreaker increases average order value by 11% with AI.

Icebreaker successfully used Einstein Product Recommendations to suggest products for both known and anonymous shoppers across the entire shopping journey — and found that its shoppers clicked on these product recommendations 40% more often, leading to 28% more revenue from recommended products and an 11% overall increase in average order value. Read the full case study.

Where will AI take personalization next?

While there are still challenges to overcome today for the best possible customer experience, AI is leading us in the right direction. As we go forward, the experiences and uses for AI will continue to expand rapidly as customers expect a more sophisticated level of personalization. But more than the technical capabilities, the next wave of AI and personalization will act as an even more powerful toolkit that delivers multidimensional customer experiences, potentially through image and speech recognition and chat bots.

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