Torani modernizes its tech stack to continue its growth across the globe.

Torani started making amazing flavors in 1925. Created by an Italian-American couple with a handful of original recipes, the syrups were first used to craft authentic Italian sodas. A much more recent invention, the flavored latte, was created in CaffeTrieste using Torani on a rainy day in San Francisco. Today, Torani considers itself a 96-year-old startup, and attributes its longevity and success to two things: putting people at the center of everything they do and constantly innovating products and business models. Torani continues to expand into new markets and distribution channels, with the intention of doubling revenue again by 2025. To reach this goal, Torani is elevating its marketing campaigns and sales strategy to increase customer engagement around the world.

25 sales reps manage all of Torani’s U.S. business

  • Torani boasts a product range of more than 200 flavors of syrups, sauces, and more.
  • Now, almost 100 years after its founding, Torani is an internationally distributed brand.
  • Salesforce maintains records of customer communications and interactions, so that Torani has a 360-degree view of every customer and every case.

See what steps Torani has taken — and is taking — to support growth and keep the momentum going.


1. Get a customer relationship management system that scales and supports growth.

As the company grew and doubled in size every few years, Torani found its legacy systems couldn’t keep up. Sticky notes and spreadsheets limited communication across teams and regions. And because Torani has many sales team members working independently across different regions, it was difficult for the team to collaborate and share information.

The nationally dispersed sales organization, coupled with siloed data, prevented Torani from having a comprehensive understanding of its teams and its customers. Given the company’s people-centric culture and deeply rooted values, the inability to share information became a problem. That’s when Torani pivoted to using Salesforce.

Torani started with Sales Cloud to oversee opportunity management, pipeline management, reports and dashboards. Soon after, they integrated Salesforce into Outlook to manage contacts, and eventually added Chatter to cover internal correspondence. Salesforce has enabled Torani to manage all of its deals with 25 sales team members.


Our focus on people and amazing flavor has let us scale at a tremendous pace for nearly 100 years.”

Stacy Cooper Dent | General Manager, International Business, Torani

2. Give your teams a 360-degree view of every customer.

Salesforce keeps a record of every customer communication and interaction, so Torani has a complete view of its customers and cases. “The collaboration is fantastic — our entire team can find all of the key information about every account and how they’re doing,” said Sarah Durie, Sales Operations Manager. With visibility into the company and its customers, Torani can keep close track of its customer relationships as it explores new sales opportunities and marketing strategies.

Salesforce also enabled deeper collaboration within the Torani team. Durie explained, “Our ability to collaborate has continued to grow stronger, both within the sales team and also across our whole organization with everyone being connected on Chatter.”

For us it’s all about the amazing flavor, but social and digital has really enabled us to deepen those conversations and create even more relationships with new consumers.”

Stacy Cooper Dent | General Manager, International Business, Torani

3. Strengthen your company’s brand through customer engagement.

Torani’s sales have traditionally been focused in the B2B space, from a mix of independent cafés, restaurants, retail customers, importers and national accounts. Torani is excited to continue to grow across all of these segments and also focus on its consumers — increasing brand engagement, connecting with fans on social media and by showcasing Torani recipes.

“Even if the consumer or the café operator isn’t buying directly from us, we want to have a relationship with them since they are the ones ultimately enjoying our amazing flavors,” said Ailinh Hoang Kim, Torani’s Director of Retail Marketing.

Torani can build relationships directly with its community of consumers by engaging with them in creative ways using marketing automation. Torani uses Pardot to create targeted email campaigns that are personalized according to customer type. The seamless flow of information between Sales Cloud and Pardot allows it to target food-service or retail customers — existing or potentially new customers — focused on mainly coffee beverages or refreshment drink offerings. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are automatically routed to regional sales reps for additional nurturing and follow-up.

Thanks to engaging content and relevant messaging, Torani experienced its fastest, most successful product launch in the company’s nearly century-long history. The company smashed its sales target in 18 months — a full six months earlier than originally planned. And the email campaign generated over 300 MQLs.


It’s all about customer experience. It’s about how Torani loves consumers, and consumers love Torani.”

Ailinh Hoang Kim | Director of Retail Marketing, Torani

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4. Make implementation and learning easy.

Torani started blazing a trail with Salesforce in 2010 with Sales Cloud and has since expanded its use of Salesforce with Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Service Cloud. With so many products being used, Torani can turn to Trailhead to make implementation and learning easy.

“Now utilizing all these different platforms, we want to absorb as much knowledge and information as we possibly can. A great way to do this is to dive into Trailhead and embark on many trails,” said Durie.

5. Unify information for all your teams.

To meet its growth goals, Torani needed a platform that could scale with its development, instead of limiting its potential. “When the company was smaller, everything was manageable. We could put things into Excel and have a very simple system of doing things, but that doesn’t work anymore. Now, we need a collaboration platform where we can all engage together,” said Durie.

Salesforce unifies information across Torani by making customer and company data available to every team. With a connected platform, Torani can collaborate like never before and support its growth.

We needed a tool that could bring us all together. Ultimately, that landed us with Salesforce.”

Sarah Durie | Sales Operations Manager, Torani
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