Knowledge Management Software as a Service

Think about all the information and expertise of everyone in your organization. How do you bring all that wisdom to bear when and where it’s needed? That’s the idea behind knowledge-management software. Knowledge management tools collect company and product information and organize it in a searchable format, so support agents and customers can quickly and easily find answers to important questions.

Salesforce CRM brings you a knowledge management system that goes well beyond the capabilities of conventional knowledge management software. Because Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based application—also known as “software as a service”—its powerful knowledge management tools are easy to access anytime, from anywhere. And here’s perhaps its most important advantage: You don’t have to buy Salesforce CRM or the infrastructure to run it on as you would with on-premises knowledge management software. Instead, it’s available on an affordable subscription basis.

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A Knowledge Management System that Makes Every Agent an Expert’s knowledge management software as a service lets you build a central repository of expertise and tried-and-true solutions. With this superior knowledge management tool at everyone’s fingertips, the result is consistently stellar service and higher customer satisfaction.

Delivering just the right answers. Customers want quick answers, but traditional knowledge management software keeps them on hold while agents search through reams of often-irrelevant information. Enter’s knowledge management software as a service, with unique technology that cuts to the chase—delivering spot-on answers the first time and every time. Small wonder that all over the globe, more than 350,000 support agents rely on Salesforce CRM’s knowledge management system across every service channel.

No waiting. Why frustrate your agents and customers with cumbersome knowledge management tools that run keyword searches against every answer in the system? The patented technology inside’s knowledge management software as a service, combined with its complete customer view, lets you instantly pinpoint what’s relevant to each individual.

Real-time relevance. Your business and customer needs are always changing, but conventional knowledge management software can’t stay current without constant tinkering and adjustment by experts. With’s knowledge management software as a service, you can easily freshen up your knowledge resources—on the fly—with point-and-click tools like knowledge analytics and widgets.

Knowledge Management Tools that Work the Way You Do

Knowledge management software as a service from makes it easy to capture, review, catalog, and access information, so agents can find what they need when they need it. Our knowledge management system includes these key features:

  • A solution encyclopedia.’s knowledge management software as a service lets you build a storehouse of information to help agents address issues quickly and accurately. As a result, customers get better resolutions and your service team improves efficiency while reducing costs.
  • A private and public knowledge base. With this feature of our knowledge management software as a service, you can easily share expertise with customers via an online channel. Use Salesforce CRM to build a customer portal where you can publish your entire knowledge base, or just portions of it. With this powerful knowledge management tool at their disposal, customers can get the answers they need without agent assistance.
  • Intuitive browsing and searching. Our knowledge management software as a service categorizes solutions in a way that makes sense for your organization. Our knowledge management system has advanced search capabilities that help agents and customers quickly identify the right solutions, so even new agents can resolve customer issues rapidly.
  • Solution administration.’s knowledge management software as a service includes a multilevel solution-review process to ensure the quality of knowledge-base information. It’s easy for anyone to create solutions with our knowledge management tools, but only authorized users can review and publish them.
  • Solution workflow. You can tailor our knowledge management software as a service to support specific workflow rules and automated knowledge-base management. Alerts and automatic task assignments notify appropriate administrators when prompt action is required.
  • Multilingual solutions. With knowledge management software as a service from, global service teams can support customers in their local languages. Each geography can write (or translate) and maintain solutions for common service issues, so customers get consistently excellent support no matter what language they speak.
  • Suggested solutions. When self-service users file support cases, our knowledge management software as a service can automatically present related solutions to help solve their issues immediately. Suggested solutions also help agents find answers, so new agents can serve customers like old pros.
  • Solution ratings. Our knowledge management software as a service contains powerful analytics that let you monitor the effectiveness of various knowledge management tools and solicit feedback from customers as they access and explore solutions.
  • FAQ. A searchable list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a great way to reduce repetitive work and speed resolutions. With just a few clicks, the Salesforce CRM knowledge management system lets you create and post FAQs for either your internal team or your customers

Supplementing Knowledge Management Tools with Case Management

Speedy resolutions. Even with our comprehensive knowledge management software as a service, a customer may sometimes need additional assistance. That’s why the Salesforce CRM knowledge management system is complemented by a full array of tools for case management. Just as our knowledge management software as a service aggregates expertise from throughout the company, multitier support queue capabilities appropriately route customer inquiries from every channel.

Assignment and workflow. With Salesforce CRM, each customer inquiry is automatically and immediately routed to the right group or rep for the quickest and best resolution. The agent handling the case can usually find a solution using our knowledge management software as a service and respond to the customer with a useful answer.

Escalation. Our knowledge management software as a service is linked to advanced escalation functionality. This way, inquiries don’t fall through the cracks at peak periods and the organization continues to meet service-level agreements. When customers are unable to resolve their questions using our self-service knowledge management system, assistance from a support agent is just a click away.

Service-level management. Whether questions are answered directly through our knowledge management software as a service or by expert assistance, meeting or exceeding service-level agreements is a must. Salesforce CRM shows agents the level of service a customer should receive and helps managers analyze and improve service quality and compliance accordingly.


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The knowledge base provides answers quickly across every channel. Plus you can capture all the information from your social channels or Chatter in knowledge articles. And customers can get answers 24/7 via the customer portal.


Collaborate on knowledge articles with Chatter

Collaborate on knowledge articles with Chatter

Teams can collaborate on knowledge articles in real time to make them more accurate and relevant. And readers can get a sense of an article’s history and see and contribute comments. Because these updates show up in Chatter feeds, your team can stay up to date on any knowledge articles they follow.

Get the right answers for the right customers


Patented dimensions technology finds relevant answers for each customer. That means faster, easier searches and speedier case resolution.

Capture and share knowledge, anywhere


Deliver accurate answers from a single knowledge base across every channel, including your contact center, self-service website, social media presence ,and partner network.

Keep your knowledge secure and up to date


Make sure your knowledge is always accurate and up to date with best practice-based workflow processes for publishing and approval. Set up a security model that matches your business so only the right people have access to the right information.

Deliver answers in any format


Go beyond simple text: Rich content, including graphics and videos, deliver more value to customers and agents. Knowledge trees help drive to the right answer for even the most complex issues.

Keep tabs on the knowledge your customers need


Better manage your knowledge with metrics specifically designed to ensure you and your customers are getting the right answers right away. Understand what gets used, identify trends, and spot knowledge gaps.