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Salesforce1 Mobile App for Marketing

New England Biolabs created an app in the Salesforce1 Mobile App that allows marketers to see what kind of lab samples their customers are using. And with the tap of button, they send customers new samples, refill orders, and more.


App Cloud helps us be more responsive to our customers.”

Ken Grady | CIO, New England Biolabs
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New England Bio Labs uses App Cloud to unify their internal systems and help them see their customers.


Build apps to facilitate everything from patient onboarding to tracking laboratory and hospital materials.

patient enrollment app

Streamline the enrollment process by digitally capturing patients’ information in seconds, right in the lobby or before they arrive.

physician community app

Provide physicians with a community to collaborate with colleagues and find information on drugs, health problems, and other expert services and support.

digital health app

Connect patients with their digital health records, devices, and data, then with physicians and family to improve care and outcomes.

hospital inventory app

Order lab supplies, approve purchases, find clinic locations, information, and more all while on the go.

employee inventory app

Automate the process of recruiting, training, and managing new health care professionals all on one standardized platform.

clinical trial app

Improve clinical trial execution and experience, all while reducing costs and barriers for patient enrollment and retention.